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Price: From $52.92 to $703.50
Manufacturer: GRAYMILLS

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Cleaning Fluids:

Graymills offers a full line of cleaning solutions to service all of our parts cleaners and most available models currently in the marketplace. If you dont see what you need here, contact Graymills. We are always developing our formulas to meet the needs of industry.

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Versatile Aquatene cleaners can be used for removing virtually any organic or inorganic soil. Typical organic soils include greases, oils, and soft carbons. Inorganic soils include epoxies, hard water residue, corrosion, oxides, paints, plating salts, rust and smut.

These water soluble cleaners work most effectively when heated and require only a water rinse.

Aquatene 330, 360, 390 and 571 solution can be used to clean most metallic, rubber and elastomer parts (some of which can be damaged when cleaned by solvents). Plated materials should be trial cleaned to test compatibility.

Aquatene 330 is a general purpose cleaner in liquid concentrate form. For faster cleaning action it may be heated to 180F (82C). Available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

GM330C5 5 gallon pail of concentrate, makes 25 - 50 gallons.
GM330C55 55 gallon drum of concentrate, makes 275 - 500 gallons.

Aquatene 571 is specially formulated for cleaning aluminum and other nonferrous metals. Use heated up to 180F (82C) for most effective action. A powdered detergent available in 25 lb. pails or 100 lb. fiber drums.

GM571-25 25 lbs powdered detergent, makes 50 - 130 gallons.
GM571-100 100 lbs powdered detergent, makes 200 - 530 gallons.

Aquatene 581 is for use on ferrous metals. Heated to 200F (93C) it effectively removes surface rust. Free rinsing properties ensure a uniform process surface, prior to secondary metal treatments. Should be used hot, 150 to 210F (65 to 99C). Mixes 2 to 3 ounces of powder to one gallon of water for light duty cleaning, and up to 16 ounces of powder to one gallon of water for rust removal applications. Powder in 100 lb. fiber drums.

GM581-100 100lbs powdered detergent, makes 80 - 130 gallons.



Biotene and Super Biotene are pH neutral (7.0) industrial cleaners that are aqueous based and intended for specific use with the Biomatic Bio436 and BioFilters. They are mixtures of emulsifiers and surfactants with a mild pleasant odor containing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Bioteneis a top-notch cleaner for machining, general automotive and tool rebuilding applications.

Super Biotene is a more concentrated solution working wonders where heavy greases are a factor, such as engine rebuilding, construction and mining applications.

Both formulations:

  • Contain corrosion inhibitors
  • Leave no residue
  • Are fast drying
  • Have USDA approval
  • Are certified for use in southern California

BioteneĀ® is best suited for most machining, general automotive and tool rebuilding applications. This formula works best heated to 105F. Available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

GM440-55 5 gallon pail of Biotene
GM440-55 55 gallon drum of Biotene

Super BioteneĀ® is a slightly more concentrated solution, and is best used when heavier greases and contaminates are a factor, such as engine rebuilding, constructions and mining applications. This formula works best heated to 105F. Preblended solution is available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Concentrate is available in 1-, 5- and 55-gallon containers.

GM660-5 5 gallon pail of Super Biotene
GM660-55 55-gallon drum of Super Biotene
GM550-1 Super Biotene Concentrate Solution, 1 gallon container
(mix 10 parts water to 1 part concentrate). Makes 11 gallons.
GM550-5 Super Biotene Concentrate Solution, 5 gallon container
(mix 10 parts water to 1 part concentrate). Makes 55 gallons.
GM550-55 Super Biotene Concentrate Solution, 55 gallon drum
(mix 10 parts water to 1 part concentrate). Makes 605 gallons.


Easily treat used water-based alkaline detergent solution for sewer disposal.

This exclusive system from Graymills greatly reduces the volume of hazardous waste to lower your disposal costs. And, its easy to use.

Simple, Two-Part System

Consists of Oil Absorbent Pads which pick up floating oil from the surface of the solution in your parts cleaner tank, plus a Detergent Neutralizer Powder to treat the used solution to meet local and federal regulations for approved sewer disposal.



Note: Approval is required from your local sanitation or waste disposal authority. Just have a neutralized sample analyzed by a laboratory and submit the results to your local authority. Approval to dispose of treated waste solution is usually granted so long as your process does not change. The remaining small amount of sludge must be disposed of in accordance with local and federal regulations for hazardous solid waste.

How it works:

Oil Absorbent Pad Absorbs up to 25 times its own weight in oil while repelling water. Simply place one 18" square pad on the surface of the solution and gently sweep the oil from the surface. continue until all floating oil is removed.

Detergent Neutralizer Powder Add while stirring or agitating with the parts cleaner pump. As you add powder the solution first turns a red to purple color, finally turning milky white when sufficient neutralizer has been added (approximately on to six ounces per gallon of tank solution). Let it sit overnight s that sludge settles to bottom of tank allowing clear waste solution to be drawn off.

Additional Uses:

Graymills Detergent Neutralizer Powder may also be used to clean up and dispose of accidental spills of caustic liquids. A great aid to safety and convenience in the laboratory and/or in the plating shop.

Graymills Oil Absorbent Pads may also be used for clean-up of oily tote pans in machine shops, for removal of oil and chips from machine tools and floor areas around lathes and drill presses, and for placement under machine oil leaks until repairs can be made.