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Industrial Adhesives


Industrial Adhesive Products

SuperKleenDirect.com carries a wide selection of industrial adhesive products. Customer come to us from many industrial sectors because we offer the top brands that many professionals have come to rely on and we offer bonding products and adhesives at significantly reduced prices.

Consider our Devcon line of industrial adhesive products. This world leader has a comprehensive selection of adhesives for plant maintenance and repair. Whether you need equipment protection, adhesives capable of underwater repair, metal putty, instant adhesives, or any other specialized product, Devcon is the company you can count on to produce a quality product designed to meet your needs. They even carry a hand cleaner for those who use these adhesives regularly, so you can stock your plant or base of operations entirely in quality Devcon products.

At SuperKleenDirect.com, we not only carry the Devcon line of adhesive, but we also carry the complete line of items from Loctite, another top name for these products. Loctite, specializing in adhesives and sealing and lubricating products, also makes items intended for household use.

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If you are an industry professional in the automotive, machinery, aviation, or marine industries or stock any other type of factory or plant operations, consider SuperKleenDirect.com as your best source for exclusive products that fit your specific criteria. We carry the products you want from the brands you trust, shipping items rapidly with in-house customer service professionals who are available to help you every step of the way. Call us for information about our products; learn how to choose the product you need based on how you will use it; or just contact us for general information about ordering.

SuperKleenDirect.com is a member of the Albatross group of companies, which has been providing chemical industrial products for over a century. With this much experience, and with the longevity of the brands they carry, you can be certain you’re getting the best products at the best prices with a firm commitment to your satisfaction.