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K2R Spot Lifter


K2r Spot Lifter

The K2r Spot Lifter is available from SuperKleenDirect.com at a deep discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This spot cleaner works on a wide variety of fabrics and is very simple to use. The K2r Spot Lifter removes oil, grease and other potent stains without much effort and without leaving the telltale ring that a stain once plagued the area.

Afta spot remover products also work on a variety of fabrics, from carpets and furniture to automotive interiors and some hard surfaces. One particularly innovative and useful product is the Afta ink remover stick, which helps get rid of ink stains from a variety of surfaces, including upholstered furniture. If you have children or if a child visits your home, this is a nice cleaner to have on hand for the inevitable “autograph.”

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Purchasing Your Afta Spot Remover

The purchasing policies at SuperKleenDirect.com are fairly standard operating procedures. We set ourselves apart, providing great customer service for your buying experience. Use the customer service phone number to contact us. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have. There are some things you may want to be aware of when starting the buying process. Orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt. You can choose from several shipping methods and we have several shipping centers located strategically across the United States in order to get your Afta spot remover or your Lubriplate grease to you as quickly as possible by the most cost-effective means available. Our warehouses do not ship out on weekends or holidays.

We will confirm your order when it is received and shipped. Typically, the two main reasons for delay are credit card declines and address issues. If anything occurs in this regard, we will contact you immediately, but be advised that if you do not respond to a query, we will cancel your order in seven days. You can also check your order status through our site.

Please view our Policies page for more details on the ordering and shipping process. If you have any further question, be sure to give us a call.