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Zep Cleaning Products

Zep offers solutions for many cleaning and lubricating issues with their products. Zep cleaning products include those designed for glass, auto parts, carpet and upholstery, graffiti, and other surfaces. They even offer a Zep hand cleaner selection for super clean up once the mess is remediated. Zep has been creating, manufacturing, and distributing high quality [...]

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Zep Cleaner

Zep Cleaner ProductsBy choosing Zep cleaner products, know that you’re getting a quality product. By ordering through SuperKleenDirect.com, you’ll get your product quickly and at a discount from the usual outlets. A number of our Zep cleaner products are available in bulk for use in large quantities.Browse our selection of Zep cleaners and other products [...]

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Spot Removers

Spot Removers for UpholsteryK2r has been providing quality treatments for all types of fabrics since 1963, and they offer products such as spot removers for upholstery, static stoppers, fabric protectors, and more. You’ll find the best K2r products here at SuperKleenDirect.com at deep discounts.If you have pets or children, or if you often entertain guests, [...]

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Chemetall Oakite Chemical ProductsChemetall Oakite has been developing and distributing chemical products across industries since 1909. SuperKleenDirect.com offers their products in a number of categories, from rust inhibitors, removals, and preventatives to electro cleaners and metalworking fluids.This ISO 9001:2000 certified company is headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey, and is a frontrunner in providing product [...]

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Lubriplate Grease

Lubriplate Grease and Other LubricantsSuperKleen Direct wants to be your primary source for the best cleaners, lubricants, adhesives, and more. Not only do we promise to carry the best brands, especially the harder to find names, but we aim to provide a stellar customer purchasing experience. We carry several types of Lubriplate grease, including: [...]

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Loctite Adhesive

Loctite has been providing adhesive and bonding products for more than 50 years. They strive for technological innovation and carry over 5000 patents. They are known as the “adhesive authority.”The Loctite adhesive collection is unmatched in the industry for both selection and quality. If you use other Loctite products, their activators, compounds, lubricants, or others, [...]

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K2R Spot Lifter

K2r Spot LifterThe K2r Spot Lifter is available from SuperKleenDirect.com at a deep discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This spot cleaner works on a wide variety of fabrics and is very simple to use. The K2r Spot Lifter removes oil, grease and other potent stains without much effort and without leaving the telltale [...]

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Industrial Cleaning Products

Spot Stain RemoverWelcome to your singular source for Industrial Cleaning Supply needs and Spot Stain Remover products. Order a variety of chemical cleaning, lubricants and bonding products from the vase inventory of Industrial Cleaning Products. SuperKleen Direct provide an inclusive Industrial Cleaning Supply product selection, choose from your favorite brand of spot stain remover lines [...]

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Industrial Adhesives

Industrial Adhesive ProductsSuperKleenDirect.com carries a wide selection of industrial adhesive products. Customer come to us from many industrial sectors because we offer the top brands that many professionals have come to rely on and we offer bonding products and adhesives at significantly reduced prices. Consider our Devcon line of industrial adhesive products. This world leader [...]

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