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Spot Removers


Spot Removers for Upholstery

K2r has been providing quality treatments for all types of fabrics since 1963, and they offer products such as spot removers for upholstery, static stoppers, fabric protectors, and more. You’ll find the best K2r products here at SuperKleenDirect.com at deep discounts.

If you have pets or children, or if you often entertain guests, it’s a common occurrence to find a set in stain on your sofa or other upholstered furniture. If you’ve been disappointed in other spot removers, its time to try the K2r Spot Lifter from SuperKleenDirect.com. This product works on nearly all fabrics, natural and synthetic, washable or dry clean only, and even carpets. Further, it is easy to use:

  1. Spray the stain, covering completely with your K2r Spot Lifter
  2. Allow the cleaner to dry, forming a white powder
  3. Brush the powder away with the brush feature on the cap of the aerosol bottle
  4. Wash, if the fabric can be cleaned
  5. Repeat for stubborn stains

This spot stain remover will not leave a shadow or ring, as is often the problem with other stain removers. The K2r Spot Lifter product comes with detailed instructions on how to use it and any special care instructions for certain fabrics. It will also list the fabrics it cannot be used on.

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If you used the spot stain remover and effectively eliminated any stained areas, it may be a good idea to treat the upholstery to maintain its appearance. The K2r Stain Stopper fabric protector will help your fine upholstery repel dirt and stains and will make spot cleaning easier and more effective. Spills will bead up, rather than soak into the fabric. Use this product in a well-ventilated area and follow all manufacturers instruction included with your order.

Browse our entire line of K2r products that will help you keep your furniture and upholstery lasting and looking great longer.