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Zep Cleaner


Zep Cleaner Products

By choosing Zep cleaner products, know that you’re getting a quality product. By ordering through SuperKleenDirect.com, you’ll get your product quickly and at a discount from the usual outlets. A number of our Zep cleaner products are available in bulk for use in large quantities.

Browse our selection of Zep cleaners and other products created for household and industrial use. Please feel free to contact our customer service department if you have a product in mind that you do not see here or if you are unsure about which product will best meet your needs.

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Zep 45: Powerful Lubricant

Zep 45 is a powerful lubricant that quickly and efficiently loosens parts that are stuck due to corrosion, wear, or grease build-up. Zep 45 not only frees the part, it deposits an enduring lubricant on the moving parts. Application of this product will protect your machinery and prolong its life, increasing its efficiency.

This product is particularly useful for:

  • Industrial and business machines
  • Motor shafts Guns and sports equipment
  • Shop tools, saws and drills
  • Electric motors
  • Vending machines
  • Locks, hinges, roller bearings, conveyors, pulleys, nuts and bolts

Basically, any rusted or corroded part that you need to slip, slide, or remove is no match for Zep 45 lubricant. Find all the Zep products you need to keep your machinery humming here at SuperKleenDirect.com.

Buy this Zep product in bulk, at four gallons to a case. Purchasing in bulk will translate into even more savings than the already significant price reductions you’ll find from SuperKleenDirect.com. And please take advantage of the helpful lubricant guide here, located on the left side of our home page and set up to help you as you determine if a particular lubricant will best meet your needs. We look forward to helping you make this decision and providing ongoing assistance with the purchasing process.