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Lubriplate Grease


Lubriplate Grease and Other Lubricants

SuperKleen Direct wants to be your primary source for the best cleaners, lubricants, adhesives, and more. Not only do we promise to carry the best brands, especially the harder to find names, but we aim to provide a stellar customer purchasing experience.

We carry several types of Lubriplate grease, including:

  • Water repellant, Multipurpose,100 Series, 130 Series, 630 Series, 930 Series
  • Gear Shield Series
  • Lithium polymer grease types
  • High temperature grease
  • Lithium complex grease
  • Construction grade grease
  • Low temp grease

Whichever type you need for your purpose, know that Lubriplate is a valued name for providing top tier grease and lubricant products. One especially versatile Lubriplate grease is the 730 Series, which can be used across industries, including construction, transportation, mining, and more. This lubricant has a wide temperature threshold, as well as a high resistance to corrosion. See our product descriptions for this grease as well as the other quality Lubriplate products.

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Super Lube and LPS Lubricant

LPS, lubricant and cleaner manufacturer, has been around since 1961 providing quality performance products for a wide spectrum of industry uses. SuperKleenDirect.com carries selections of lubricants and penetrants, cleaners and degreasers, cutting fluids, and other specialty products to keep your machinery running well. LPS lubricant is available for use in food machinery and meets FDA requirements as such. Read our product descriptions for these products to get more information on this distinction.

Super Lube grease is a silicone based lubricant with anticorrosive properties. If you need small quantities to get the job done, our selections of Super Lube grease will suit your needs. View our site for more information on the specific types available.

At SuperKleenDirect.com, you’ll find that our prices are incredibly low, with most of our products offered at 23% below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This can translate into significant savings, whether your operations require daily use of greases, synthetic lubricants, and cleaners, or if you only need occasional supplies in larger quantities. Browse our site or contact our customer service department to determine which of our quality product will work best for your needs.

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