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Adhesive Product Guide

SuperKleen Direct - Adhesive Guide

Surface to be bonded Or type of adhesive: Product/s to be used:
Aluminum Putty DEV10610 - Devcon Aluminum Putty
DEV10710 – Devcon Aluminum Liquid
Bolt Grade DEV22775 - Devcon 50ML
Bronze Putty DEV10260 - Bronze Putty 10260
Brushable Ceramic Epoxy DEV11770 –Devcon White Brushable Epoxy
Carbide Putty DEV10050 – Devcon Carbide Putty
Caulk Adhesive SPRWL30060 – Sprayon Original
Concrete Sealer DEV12560 – Devcon Epoxy Concrete Sealer
Contact Adhesive LOC39202 – Quick-Tite Instant Adhesive Gel
LOC30540 – Loctite Black Contact Adhesive
LOC30537 – Loctite Contact Adhesive
Drywall Adhesive SPRWL21000 –Sprayon Drywall/Construction
Duco Cement DEV6245 – Devcon Duco Cement
Embroidery ALB1076 – Expert Embroidery Spray Adhesive
Epoxy LOC97434 – Loctite Fixmaster 4 Minute
LOC81120 – Loctite Fixmaster Poxy Pak
LOC99393 – Loctite Fixmaster High Perf.
LOC82093 - Loctite Underwater Repair
LOC21427 - Loctite Fixmaster Cure Cups
DEV14250 - 5 Minute Epoxy 25ml Dev-Tube
DEV14310 - Devcon 14310 2 Ton Clear
DEV14360 – Devcon 10 Minute 2 Ton Clear
DEV14350 – Devcon Epoxy Plus 25
DEV14200 – Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy
DEV11600 – Devcon Magic Bond Stick
DEV14278 – Devcon Devpak Epoxy Plus
Metal Repair Epoxy DEV10780 – Devcon Fasmetal Repair Epoxy
Flexane DEV15820 - Devcon Flexane 80 Putty
DEV15800 - Devcon Flexane 80 Liquid
DEV15990 - Devcon Flexane ACCELERATOR
DEV15250 – Devcon Flexane 94 Liquid
DEV15350 – Devcon Flexane Brushable
Flex Welder DEV14345 – Devcon Flex Cure
DEV15050 – Devcon Flex Urethane Fast
Floor Patch DEV13100 - Devcon 13100 Floor Patch
DEV13110 – Devcon Floor Patch (Fast Cure)
Foam Rubber ALB1075 – AlbaChem Dry Web Foam Adhesive
SPW055 - Sprayway Fast Tack Foam and Fabric
Headline Adhesive LOC37312 – Loctite Max Strength Headliner Adh.
High Load Guard Epoxy DEV14900 Devcon High Wear Guard Load
Instant Bonder LOC49504 – Loctite Super Bonder Instant Adh.
LOC38050 – Loctite Black MaxToughened Instant
LOC41045 – Loctite Black Toughened Instant
LOC4114 - Loctite Clear Toughened Instant Adh.
LOC48040 – Loctite Black Prism Toughened Adh.
DEV44225 - Devcon Zip Grip HV2200 Instant Adh.
Latex Tub & Tile Caulk SPRWL50512 – Sprayon Tub/Tile Caulk
Low Odor / Low Bloom LOC40840 – Loctite Low Odor/Low Bloom
LOC46040 – Loctite Prism Low Odor/Low Bloom
Magna –Crete LOC95551 – Loctite Fixmaster Magna-Crete
Mix High Viscosity LOC20251 – Loctite Depend No mix adhesive
LOC33058 – Loctite Depend No Mix Activator
Multi-Purpose ALB1077 – Albatross Hold Tight Mist Adhesive
DEV82019 - Permatex All Purpose Spray Adh.
SPW066 - Sprayway Premium Mist Adhesive Spray
SPW088 - Sprayway Multi Purpose Spray Adh.
Pallet (Screen Printing) ALB1088 - AlbaChem Super 88 Adhesive
Pallet Flash Cure SPW084 - Sprayway 84 Super Flash Adhesive Spray
Panel Construction SPRWL21200 – Sprayon Panel Const. Adhesive
SPRWL21300 – Sprayon Panel Construction
Plastic Steel Putty DEV10130 – Devcon Plastic Steel Putty Epoxy
DEV10110 – Devcon Plastic Steel Putty
DEV10210 – Devcon Plastic Steel Liquid
DEV10240 – Devcon Plastic Steel 5 min Putty
Plastic Welder II DEV14340 – Devcon Plastic Welder II
DEV14300 – Devcon Plastic Welder Type 11
DEV15050 – Devcon Flex Urethane Fast
Quick Set LOC46551 – Loctite Quick Set 404 Industrial Adhesive
LOC99393 – Loctite Fixmaster High Performance Epoxy
Release Agent- Epoxy/Urethane DEV19600 - Devcon Liquid Release Agent
Retaining Compound DEV26805 – Devcon Retaining compound
Specialty SPW089 - Fast Tack Specialty Adhesive
Speed bonder Kit LOC03333 – Loctite Speed bonder 312 Act. Kit
LOC32430 – Loctite 324 Activator Cure Adh.
LOC32530 – Loctite 325 Activator Cure Adh.
LOC32629 – Loctite Speed bonder 326 Act Cure
LOC32512 – Loctite Speed bonder 3414 Dual Cart
Stainless Steel Putty DEV10270 – Devcon Stainless Steel Putty
Steel Putty DEV10120 - Plastic Steel Putty (A) 4 lb
Structural Adhesive LOC33470 – Structural Adhesive High Perf.
Sub Floor/Construction SPRWL21400 – Sprayon Sub Floor/Construction
SPRWL21500 – Sprayon Sub Floor/Construction
Super Bonder LOC40945 – Loctite Ind Grade Instant Gel
LOC41450 – Loctite Super Bonder 414 Instant
LOC41550 – Loctite Super Bonder 415 Instant
LOC41650 – Loctite Super Bonder 416 Instant
LOC42050 – Loctite Super Bonder 420 Instant
LOC42250 – Loctite Super Bonder 422 Instant
LOC43050 – Loctite Super Bonder 430 Instant
LOC49550 – Loctite Super Bonder 495 Instant
LOC49650 – Loctite Super Bonder 496 Instant
LOC49850 – Loctite Super Bonder Thermal Cyc.
Surface Insensitive Gel LOC45404 – Loctite Prism Instant Ins. Gel
LOC40414 – Loctite Prism Surface Ins.
LOC40640 – Loctite Prism 406 Surface Ins.
LOC44740 – Loctite Prism 4471 Surface Ins.
LOC45440 – Loctite Prism 454 Surface Instant
Titanium Compound DEV10770 – Devcon Titanium Compound
DEV10760 – Devcon Titanium Putty
Underwater Repair Putty DEV11800 – Devcon Underwater Repair Putty
Web (High Solids) SPW087 – Sprayway Fast Tack Web Adhesive
Zip Grip DEV44044 – Devcon Zip Grip
DEV14300 – Devcon Plastic Welder Type 11
DEV15050 – Devcon Flex Urethane Fast
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