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Price: From $122.30 to $968.31
Manufacturer: GRAYMILLS

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Cleaning Fluids:

Graymills offers a full line of cleaning solutions to service all of our parts cleaners and most available models currently in the marketplace. 


Graymills Agitene cleaners are far superior to ordinary and reprocessed solvents. Grease, motor oil, cutting oil, and water soluble oils are easily removed. Gummy deposits unaffected by ordinary mineral spirits are readily softened or removed. A stable blend of eight ingredients, Agitene has a fresh, mild odor, and contains no chlorinated solvents.


Regular Agitene® cleans as Super Agitene with two important differences. First, it leaves parts film-free, ideal for cleaning parts which are to be painted. Second, it will not attack varnish, allowing varnish-insulated electric motors to be cleaned without damage. Not to be heated. Available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

M2062 Regular Agitene, 5 gallon pail
M1700 Regular Agitene, 50 gallon drum

Super Agitene® is the most effective multiple-duty cleaner you can buy. It is safe to use on metal, plastics and painted surfaces. Conforms to California Rule 66. Contains Hand-Ease®, a cosmetic-grade lanolin formulation which replaces some of the skins natural oils removed by the solvent. Available with Flash points of 110F (43C) or 141F (60C). Not to be heated. Available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

M5005 Super Agitene, 5 gallon pail
M8400 Super Agitene, 50 gallon drum
M5005-141 Super Agitene 141, 5 gallon pail
M8400-141 Super Agitene 141, 50 gallon drum