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Applying materials to food with a KREA Swiss Electric Spray gun is obviously much faster than brushing, and it also reduces material waste by an estimated 60%. 

 In addition to being "Food Safe" Commercial Electric Food Guns, KREA Swiss Electric Spray Guns are engineered for long lives and are powerful enough to spray even very thick liquids.

Happy KREA Swiss Electric Spray Gun customers include:  Bakeries, Cake shops, Butchers, Hotels, Hospitals, Canteens, Restaurants, Pubs, Food Factories and Fast Food outlets.


  • Simple to use with a balanced design. Compressed air not required.
  • High quality, robust build.
  • Variable nozzle and power options- KREA Swiss Electric Spray Guns are able to spray from thin to thick amounts.
  • Food Safe.
  • Hygienic, easy to take completely apart and clean.
  • Fast ROI, resulting of the less use of sprayed material.
  • Swiss quality guaranteed.